Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Projects - my dressing room

Having just moved into my sister's guest house, I have a long "to do" list of projects. I will be posting a comprehensive list, soon, but I thought I'd start the conversation here . . .

The room I started with was my "closet room / dressing room" - which is a spare bedroom I turned into a large walk in closet. I'll post more photos, soon, but here is a sneak peek. It is still a work in progress!

I have purchased some inexpensive shelf dividers, and plan to put some of my handbags out of the bins so I can see them more clearly.

Beneath the large two-sided clothes rack, I have hat boxes holding vintage hats, and a small vintage suitcase.

This is my vanity area - in progress. The desk is actually my great-grandmother's dining room table, collapsed down to the smallest size. The chair will be redone, soon! The leopard valance, and rug runner are from  The small table with the box, and the fan, will be coming out of the room.

The lamp with the three lights isn't lovely, but it is a GREAT option for vanity lighting in a large open room.

The mirror on the table is a vintage find from my sister. 'The metal drawers, which I will be painting . . . yes, watch for it, holds my everyday make up. There are a variety of pretty glass cups and small vases that hold make up brushes.

This is one side of the closet - it has two doors like this. I have three over the door racks with shoes. In the closet are three low bookcases, which hold shoes, and above them, I have five of these Closetmaid three-shelf organizers.
My plan is to get my shoes out of the over the door holders, but I don't have enough space to put them all in boxes, so I'm still searching for an option. Part of the problem is that I have large feet, and I like to wear 5" heels, and they don't always fit in standard plastic shoe boxes. 

The dresser came with the house. I don't love it, but it serves it's purpose! I put the two shelves up above it with a variety of boxes from, including these mini suitcases in brown and red, and red paperboard boxes.

So . . . lots of small projects in this room . . . 

One last shot of a finished project . . . I had looked everywhere for a leopard lamp shade for the room, but when I finally found it, I decided it was a bit "too much" for an already busy room. So, instead, I glued leopard ribbon (purchased at Walmart), and added this red flower (it is a pin / hair clip) to the top. 

The print, above the lamp, is from artist Janet Hill's shop on Etsy. I own several of her prints, but this was my first. I love the vintage theme - especially perfect for my little dressing room!


  1. I am so jealous Tera, you have a great "closet" and it looks fabulous, I love what you have done with it

  2. Thank you, Cheri! More to come!!

  3. I'm your newest linky follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!ps-love the lampshade!!


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