Saturday, January 14, 2012

Client Gift Project

One of the things that I often deal with for my client photography clients is dry lips. I keep things with my camera bag that my clients sometimes need - safety pins, powder, band-aids, anti-frizz hair gel, etc. and I've been wanting to be able to provide some sort of lip balm, as well.

Rather than just going to the dollar store and stalking up on generic brand lip balm, I went to a wholesaler and bought lip balm without any branding on it. Through them, I was also able to purchase labels I could print myself.

The blank form for the labels

 After I printed the labels (designed in Photoshop with my business logo), I printed them, and then placed the labels on the blank lip balm.

Although the labels are small, they are quite easy to apply. I started with 50, to be sure that I will actually remember to give out the lip balm, before I place a larger order.

I loved this project, because it gave me the opportunity to use my creativity, and to create a product I think my clients will love! Best of all, when they use it in the future, they will think of my little company! Win-win!

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